Customer Panels & Surveys


To help retailers understand what their customers (current, potential or lost) say and feel about them, gaining rich insights to help them grow profitably


  • Plan and facilitate customer panels with a clear brief designed to find out what you need to know. Typical questions might include:
  • Why do they shop with you? How often?
  • Why don’t they shop with you? Did they once?
  • What do they like about what you offer?
  • What would they like you to do differently?
  • What do they buy from you?
  • Why don’t they buy other things from you?
  • Where do they shop for those other things, and why?
  • What do they think of your product choice?
  • What do they think about your prices and value?
  • What do they think about your team?
  • What kind of service do they generally experience in your shop(s) or on your website?
  • Is your location convenient for them? Why? Why not?
  • Are your opening hours convenient for them?
  • What do they think of your website?
  • We will design the brief with your needs in mind, invite the appropriate attendees, facilitate the session, train you and others as panel members, and then consolidate the discussion feedback for you, with our recommendations on how you can further improve your customer experience to grow your sales and profit
  • We also offer Customer Surveys, which we conduct on your behalf without your participation, but experience has shown us that you gain far more from actually being there, so long as you don’t take any criticism personally, and listen generously without being defensive – it really helps you engage on another level with your customers!!

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