Digital High Street Skills

Digital High Street Skills

Dina Holland is a Master Trainer for Digital High Street Skills and is one of two Master Trainers working Nationwide, the other Master Trainer is Paula Windle, Retail and Customer Service Trainer for The Source Skills Academy.

DIGITAL High StreetThe programme manager for Digital High st is Guy Douglas of the The Association of Town and City Managers (ATCM) . Tracy Duggan of the National Skills Academy for Retail is the Product Manager for the Digital High Street Skills Programme.  Antony Welfare is the author  for Digital High Street UK Digital High Street Skills works in association with The National Skills Academy for Retail and ATCM

What is Digital High Street Skills?

It is training programme to get the Independent High Street Retailers online and equipped for the Digital age

To be launched in March 2014

Real life and practical set of modules, to equip every High Street Retailer, with the essential skills and tools to build an Ecommerce presence.

Digital High Street
DHS is a national campaign in partnership with the Association of Town and City Management (ATCM) to help high street SME businesses understand the importance of having an online presence and to enable them to make informed decisions about how best to make the most of new and emerging technology for their individual business.

Background to this Government Funded initiative

E-commerce and out-of-town retail parks are a threat to the UK high street only if high street retailers and urban place managers sit back and do not respond with their own updated offering; it is essential therefore that town and city centres move down the road towards adopting a multi-channel marketing approach, one which connects and integrates e-commerce, m-commerce, social media and web/mobile applications.

The NSAR is working in partnership with the ATCM to develop a national campaign and training programme to assist SMEs with this key area. This will ensure there is a cohesive strategy and consistent offering for local SME businesses on our High Streets. The customer journey of today is one that will embrace multiple channels and touch-points; in order to meet their customer expectations, town centres must learn to use all available channels. Town centre management learning must be delivered by known and trusted voices, the ATCM and NSAR, in conjunction with the leading strategic commercial stakeholders in the digital sector will ensure integrity of this process. NSAR understands the issues faced by SMEs in terms of attendance at training sessions/workshops so will ensure that this programme can be delivered using a ‘no wrong door’ approach.

Training will be accessible by via webinar and will also be available via the NSAR network of quality assured skills shops and associates and the ATCM advisors. Resources will be made available online, thus creating accessible, affordable education and training. A key challenge with all of this is ensuring consistency of delivery and messaging and so in addition to designing the materials for delivery the supplier will also deliver a series of master classes to selected trainers and training toolkits/manuals which articulate how best to deliver the content. NSAR will license all trainers to ensure delivery is consistent and quality assured.

Initially the Programme has three modules:

Module 1: Retail marketing, from the basics through to online channels, helping retailers understand the importance of marketing. A key objective of this module will be to ensure that delegates have a clear marketing strategy and understanding of what strategies they need to develop/implement for their own business.

Module 2: Basic e-commerce and virtual shops – why it isn’t optional anymore for any high street business not to have a web presence. Introduction into customer rewards . Top tips on what they can do for very little investment to ensure customers can find them, have meaningful engagement with them and develop customer loyalty. A key objective of this module will be the action plan and what delegates need to do next. Exploring the options available to them and which ones don’t have to cost the earth e.g. Ebay/Amazon

Module 3: Managing social media; blogs, rich content. A key objective will be to help delegates understand the benefits of having a web presence and how to select the most appropriate social media channels for their business and to create customer loyalty.

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Digital High Street Skills


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