Retail Consultancy

Objective:   Consultancy

We are available for fixed-term, tailored retail consulting assignments.


  • We can help any size of retail business based on our extensive operational experience in both large and small businesses, and we are fortunate to have worked in all retailing disciplines.
  • Introduction:  We believe that different situations need different approaches – whilst there are great models, one size doesn’t fit all. Flexibility is important.
  • That’s why it’s important for us to spend time listening to you to really understand you, your business or organisation, and what you want to achieve. This may be anything from increasing customer care through to cost reduction projects – all designed to improve profitability.
  • We also know that you’ll want to feel comfortable working with us and that’s why it’s important to build an honest and trusting relationship.
  • Once we understand your situation and what you want to achieve, we’ll prepare a set of options for you to consider before we agree the approach that will work best for you – in this way we’ll be well set up to achieve the outcomes you need.
  •  Why not get in touch to take advantage of a free exploratory meeting?
  • It’ll only take an hour your time and won’t cost you a thing.

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