Town Appraisals


Assess a Town’s appeal to its shoppers (resident and visitors), review the retailing mix, overall experience and customer expectations. Make recommendations for improvement backed up by comprehensive short, medium and long-tem plans for action.


Walk the Town assessment:

  •  Look and feel – local shopper and visitor attraction levels
  • Retail mix
  • Day and night mix
  • Transport links
  • Parking
  • Environment and safety
  • Town planning
  • Occupancy level/empty unit recording
  • Shopper mix – local vs visitors
  • Shopper patterns and behaviours
  • Shopper interviews
  • Retailer interviews to assess their views on trading in the Town
  • Local cooperation levels between retailers, and local authority groups
  • Competitor Towns review
  • Mystery Shopping

Town appraisal report

Town appraisal recommendations



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