Training Workshops

Objective:      Workshops

Run training workshops on the full range of retailing skills either to help new retailers set up for success from the outset, or to help successful current or struggling retailers improve their profitable growth

Our Services:

  • Group workshops
  • 1:1 training sessions
  • Retailers’ Team workshops
  • Custom designed workshops – we are flexible!

 Topics covered: 

  • First things first
    • Your proposed retail brand and niche – what are you intending selling?
    • Where will you be locating your business, and who are your target customers?
    • The 5Ps – product, place, price, promotion and people
  • Customer Care
    • How to be customer centric
    • Delight rather than simply satisfy
  • Marketing
    • How to market your brand:
      • In your shop(s)
      • Online/e-commerce
      • Social Media
  • Sales and Promotional Planning
    • Pricing strategies
    • ‘Good – Better – Best’ – range planning
    • Planning promotions
    • Seasonal and Local Events
  • Finance
    • How to manage your finances for profitable retailing
    • Best practice on P&L, cash flow and the balance sheet
    • Stock Management and Better Buying
  • Recruiting and Developing your Team
    • How to recruit, engage and lead your winning team
    • Team leadership development
    • Setting up new teams for Winning Performance
    • Your Self-Development
  • Being your own Boss
    • Are you ready for self-employment?

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